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'Spoils Of War' Mini Art Print

'Spoils Of War' Mini Art Print

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'Spoils of War' Mini Art Print -

'Recent skirmishes with both the bunnies of the forest and with a roving band of raccoons have placed the usually detached squirrel community into a delicate position. Will they be drawn into the the violent conflict raging beneath them on the forest floor? The overzealous, out-of-his-mind squirrel pictured on this recent Puscifer print may have taken things a bit too far. Actions such as these typically have consequences. Time will tell, after word gets around....and word WILL get around.
This is the forest: there are eyes everywhere...' - jr

Measures approx. 10 x 8 inches and is printed on gallery white stock. - 20.00 plus shipping / handling.

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