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Bill Hicks 'Teacher' Art Print (Rare 'Mustard' Variant) FULL SIZED

Bill Hicks 'Teacher' Art Print (Rare 'Mustard' Variant) FULL SIZED

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The late, great comedian Bill Hicks has been called many things: rebel, deviant, & philosopher. Most will agree, above all, he was a teacher. Draped in irreverent comic genius and razor-sharp wit, Hicks did his best to educate his listeners and turn them on to the realities of the world around them...and inside of them.
This print is a tribute to Hicks, quoting one of his most poignant observations: 'It's just a ride..'.

MUSTARD EDITION: Measuring approx. 25x23 inches and printed on French 'mustard' gallery stock using rich inks, this rare variant edition is from a limited edition of only 20 signed and numbered pieces. -100.00 plus s/h

NOTE: Absolutely NO refunds/exchanges on limited edition art pieces.

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