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Jermaine Rogers

CREEPING (Unpainted Variant)

CREEPING (Unpainted Variant)

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8 in. Designer Vinyl Art Figure
Edition of 250 pcs.

‘We are the Dero. We are your friends.
We are here to teach you how to benefit yourselves. See our smiles? We are your friends.
We are fascinated with you. We have crept about your life, softly. Unseen. Shielding you. We are working for you. We are manipulating the odds to be in your favor. We have watched you sleep.
Would you like to know how to get what you want? We can show you.
We are smiling. Trust us.’

Sleek and simplistic in it's presentation.
Display this piece in it's untouched form, or customize it and create something new.
As a quantity of each of these pieces were already snapped up by DCon 2023 buyers, limited numbers of each figure exist...much less than the original listed edition size. Be aware!
Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping
Absolutely NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES on limited art items
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