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Foo Fighters (2017 DC) - Stardream OPAL & Holographic Rainbow Foil ARTIST PROOFS

Foo Fighters (2017 DC) - Stardream OPAL & Holographic Rainbow Foil ARTIST PROOFS

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It's opening night! It's an adventure!

Jermaine Rogers was commissioned by Foo Fighters to create the print for the opening show of their 2017 tour: it was also the very first show at The Anthem, a brand new venue in DC.

This 8-color screen print measures 24x16 inches. Jermaine drew inspiration from the popular line of children's books called 'Choose Your Own Adventure'. He says:
'I've wanted to do this concept for a while, and Foo Fighters was always the band that I thought it would be perfect for. There's a fun element that just fits.
When I was a kid, those books were like currency. My friends and I would trade them, sell them, stockpile drugs. In the 3rd grade, I began creating my own 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books and selling them at school for a quarter each. I had a waiting list. I'd kill to have them all back, now. I'd buy them back for DOUBLE what I charged for them.' - jr

STARDREAM OPAL Artist Proof - printed on rich Stardream Opal stock and signed 'A/P' by Jermaine Rogers. Very limited amount. - 125.00

RAINBOW FOIL Artist Proof Edition - Printed on Holographic Rainbow Foil stock. Signed 'A/P' by Jermaine Rogers. Very few available. - 200.00

NOTE: Absolutely NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES on limited art items.

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