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FOO FIGHTERS (OKC) Stardream Pearl & Sparkle Foil Editions 2015 - STUDIO COPIES

FOO FIGHTERS (OKC) Stardream Pearl & Sparkle Foil Editions 2015 - STUDIO COPIES

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The 'Broken Leg' Tour!

The Foo Fighters commissioned Jermaine Rogers to create the print for their recent appearance in Oklahoma City, OK. Measuring approx. 30x22 inches, it is screen printed on a lovely Stardream semi-metallic Pearl-finish gallery stock. The image is full of tributes: to Dave Grohl and to his band, and also to another band which Dave has mentioned as a huge personal influence (and a favorite band of Jermaine's, as well), the band Rush.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:
'This entire Foo tour seems to be about worshiping at the altar of rock-and-roll. Worshiping the gods of the music. It's no surprise that Dave Grohl really gets the need for his fans to have access and interaction. He attempts to make real 'contact' least as much as is reasonable. The artwork for this print was done in that spirit. Grohl understands 'fans' of the rock-and-roll religion, because he is one himself.
There's a lot of grace, in that. 'Grace under pressure'. (see what I did there?) - jr

Stardream Pearl: We have a handful of signed Artist Proofs (A/P's). VERY limited quantity available. - 150.00 plus shipping/insurance

Sparkle Foil: Printed on holographic Sparkle Foil stock. From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 prints. VERY limited quantity available. - 250.00 plus shipping/insurance

Absolutely NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES on limited art items.

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