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'Gypsy Eye' Mini Art Print (Hendrix / Rick Griffin Tribute)

'Gypsy Eye' Mini Art Print (Hendrix / Rick Griffin Tribute)

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 'Gypsy Eye' Mini Art Print -
Finally, after years of demand, the 'Gypsy Eye' art print is available as an impressive 12x8 inch large mini print. This screened print is an obvious tribute to two of the artist's heroes: rock and roll master Jimi Hendrix, and the legendary Rick Griffin. Jermaine explains:

Arguably the greatest concert poster of all time is Rick Griffin’s ‘Eyeball,’ Bill Graham number 105, done for a 1968 concert headlined by Jimi Hendrix. The immortal imagery is perfect in every way, showcasing the ‘all-seeing’ eyeball: according to sources, Rick called it ‘the eye of god’. There it hovers, bearing a skull in it’s clawed hand…a reminder that we are all mortal and passing beings. Enhancing this striking artwork is the knowledge that it was done to promote a show by the legend that is Hendrix. I can imagine Jimi moving through cosmos and alternate realities…slipping in and out of dimensions, accompanied by his ethereal companion, his cosmic guide: The Eye. These 2 legendary figures are forever entwined in the history of rock and roll…one real and one imagined. And yet the power of the one has accentuated the beauty of the other. BG 105 is a shrine of modern art, a seamless example of what happens when music and visuals combine to create a tremor on the richter scale of how we measure culture and our place in it. This is my humble tribute: Rick Griffin, we are not even worthy.

Three striking variations are available at this time in limited quantities.
- OPAL Edition (on Stardream Opal stock) - 25.00
- STARDREAM ONYX (Black) Edition - 25.00
- BLUE RASPBERRY Edition - 25.00

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS on limited edition prints/items.

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