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Jermaine Rogers 2024/25 MINI PRINT Subscription

Jermaine Rogers 2024/25 MINI PRINT Subscription

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- 2024/25 Jermaine Rogers MINI PRINT / Handbill Subscription -
After a break of several years and many inquiries & requests, we're delighted to offer a Mini Print Subscription for 2024/25!
Here's what the subscription entitles you to:
- Includes one of each REGULAR EDITION* mini print released from April 1, 2024 - April 30, 2025.
(REGULAR EDITION variations will always be specified.)
- What is a mini print? Mini-prints measure 12 x 12 inches and smaller.
- Subscription includes some items only available to subscribers.
- Subscription includes unannounced surprises.
- Subscriptions will include a minimum number of at least 12 mini prints, with a higher quantity very likely.
- Subscription is limited to only 100 available spots.
- Subscription holders will receive 2 shipments:
The first shipment would include mini prints released from Apr. 2024 - September 2024.
The second shipment will include the balance of prints released between October 2024 and Apr. 2025.
* Subholders will receive one of every newly released mini print image, not one of each variation of the image. Subholders will receive certain designs and variants exclusively available in the subscription.
$300 +s/h


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