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MAY THE 4TH 'Scoundrels' Remarqued Artist Proofs (STAR WARS) + Additional Gift

MAY THE 4TH 'Scoundrels' Remarqued Artist Proofs (STAR WARS) + Additional Gift

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MAY THE 4TH 'Scoundrels' Remarqued Artist Proofs + Additional Gift -

Happy May 4th! In celebration of one of the greatest sagas ever told, we're offering 7 copies of the long sold out 'Scoundrels' art print...but with a twist. Each one of these pieces is heavily remarqued by Jermaine Rogers. Each piece has it's own theme and is lovingly rendered with a 'Jermaine' aesthetic. Remarques are done in ink and watercolor. Prints are signed Artist Proofs (A/P's) with the exception of the 'Teacher' remarque, which was created on a print from the signed and numbered edition. Prints are screen printed on 21x16 in. gallery stock.

ONE PER SUCCESSFUL BUYER. Each buyer will randomly receive one of the pieces pictured. Again, pieces will be sent out randomly: YOU CANNOT CHOOSE A PARTICULAR PIECE.

Each piece will also come with an additional surprise gift.
Pieces Available:
- 'Strange Bedfellows'
- 'Homiez'
- 'Bad Blood'
- 'Teacher'
- 'Family'
- 'I Knew Your Old Man...'
- 'Love'
Good luck, and May The 4th Be With You.
- 400.00 plus s/h

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing/shipping.
Note: ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES on limited art items.

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