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NINE INCH NAILS (2018 Red Rocks) Rare STARDREAM GOLD Variant

NINE INCH NAILS (2018 Red Rocks) Rare STARDREAM GOLD Variant

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To commemorate their amazing performance on Sept. 18th at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, USA, Nine Inch Nails commissioned Jermaine Rogers to create an official, limited edition print. This 8-color screen print was meticulously printed by the nimble hands at Lady Lazarus Press in Houston, TX. This STARDREAM GOLD variation is particularly rare.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:
'I created this artwork to be viewed while listening to track #9 of the 'Year Zero' album, 'The Warning'. So, this one comes with an optional 'enhanced viewing' feature. When you get your copy: hang it on the wall, do whatever you do to get into your zone, put on the song, and climb on up inside.'

(STARDREAM GOLD Edition) - This rare variant is printed on rich Stardream Opal stock with a pearlescent finish. It was never made widely available to the general public. Signed and numbered edition of only 60 pieces. - 125.00 plus shipping / handling

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