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NINE INCH NAILS / Soundgarden (California 2014)

NINE INCH NAILS / Soundgarden (California 2014)

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NIN / Soundgarden (California 2014) -

This piece measures approx. 30x20 inches and is printed on creamy French Madero stock.

Regarding the imagery, Jermaine says:
'Since we were all little people, parents, teachers, clergy, politicians, TV, movies, and books of all kinds have been molding us into plastic 'products', to be bought and sold over and over again. I think we can choose to shed that skin.' - jr

A Handful of the Artist Edition are being made available, direct from the studio files of Jermaine Rogers. This Artist Edition on French Madero stock is screen printed, from a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces. Specially priced for the searchers... -100.00

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