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'Placed Inside, Safe & Sound' Mini Art Print (DEFTONES)

'Placed Inside, Safe & Sound' Mini Art Print (DEFTONES)

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 'Placed Inside, Safe & Sound' Mini Art Print -

Measuring 10x8 inches, this print showcases now classic imagery originally used for an official Deftones piece years ago. Now, presented in this attractive 'art print' format, this beautiful mini-print is now available in limited variations. Signed by Jermaine.

- Stardream Opal - 20.00 plus shipping/handling
- Lava Foil - 25.00 plus shipping/handling
- Gold Foil - 25.00 plus shipping/handling
- Stardream Black Onyx - 25.00 plus shipping/handling

NOTE: ABSOLUTELY NO refunds/exchanges on limited art items.

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