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Rare & Variant MINI PRINTS (Various)

Rare & Variant MINI PRINTS (Various)

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In response to repeated requests, we are making several rare and variant mini prints available. There are very limited quantities available. Many of these pieces have been 'Sold Out' for a while, some for years. These copies are from the studio files, from extremely limited editions, screen printed and signed by Jermaine Rogers.
All presented here on one page, for easy browsing/buying. First come, first served.

But It's Your Right!' (2013) MINI PRINT Artist Proof -
Measuring approx. 10 x 8.5 inches, this mini art print showcases striking artwork which was used for the 2013 Soundgarden tour. These mini prints are decidedly rare. When asked about the imagery, Jermaine said, 'Matthew 26:50-52. I may not be a member, but I've read their book.'

These BLUE RASPBERRY Variant edition Artist Proofs are extremely rare and few remain available. They are signed by Jermaine and marked 'A/P'.
Available are the following:
'But It's Your Right' Raspberry Blue w/COLOR - 35.00 plus shipping / handling
'But It's Your Right' Raspberry Blue KEYLINE - 35.00 plus shipping / handling

'The Warning' (2018) MINI PRINT Artist Proof -
This 8-color screen print measures 12x9 inches and is printed on gallery stock with rich inks. About the imagery, Jermaine says:
'I created this artwork to be viewed while listening to track #9 of Nine Inch Nails' 'Year Zero' album, entitled 'The Warning'. So, this one comes with an optional 'enhanced viewing' feature. When you get your copy: hang it on the wall, do whatever you do to get into your zone, put on the song, and climb on up inside.'
We have a handful of Artist Proofs available, signed by Jermaine. 30.00 plus shipping / handling

'FREAK' (Blue Raspberry Variant) Mini Art Print (Artist Proof) -
This mini art print measures approx. 9x6 inches and is screen printed on rFrench Blue Raspberry stock.
'No one really sees who I am. They don't see me. I pass right by them, and they don't even know.'
Artist Proof signed by Jermaine Rogers. 25.00 plus shipping / handling

Queens Of The Stone Age 'FEEL GOOD' (Chicago 2014) MINI PRINT -
Measuring approx. 12x6.5 inches, this rare mini screen print was created for the 2014 Queens Of The Stone Age show in Chicago, Il. The artwork was based on the QOTSA song, 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer', which celebrates everyone's favorite chemical vices. The image has proven to be a sought-after fan favorite.
We have a limited amount of these screen printed pieces, held here in studio since 2014.
- White Edition: screen printed on gallery white stock, signed by Jermaine Rogers: 30.00 plus s/h

'I'll Make You A Deal' (David Bowie) MINI PRINT -
Screen printed on 10x8 in. gallery stock. Signed by Jermaine Rogers. - 30.00 +s/h

We Carry Each Other MINI PRINT -
Screen printed on 11x8 in. gallery stock. Signed by Jermaine Rogers. - 40.00 +s/h

Frida & Vincent (Green Suit) MINI PRINT -
Screen printed on 12x9 in. gallery stock. Color variation from the original full-sized piece. Signed by Jermaine Rogers. - 35.00 +s/h


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